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Things no one tells #Momstobe

Its been 9 months of wait to see your baby cuddle in your arm, nurture the kiddo with your pure milk, play with baby’s tinkling eyes or just smile watch the baby grow up…you have waited for it, right from the day you got to know you were pregnant. However in this process, there are lot of things no parents, no inlaws, no experts, no doctors tell you.

Here is a list for all the #momstobe to refer to just to prepare and plan your baby birth in advanced
  1. Crying is the only emotion and communication form babies know. Turn a deaf hear to peers complaining your baby cries a lot or less. It varies from babies to babies
  2. Babies tend to loose 1kg weight after birth. Its normal as long as baby is consuming your or formula milk well
  3. You will take 10-15mins to go to bathroom specially when you have stitches because of the vaginal  delivery.
  4. Breastfeeding is a tough process..if you believe the baby will latch on you and get unlimited supply of milk, you are highly wrong. There could be delays or clogging at times which will keep your baby hungry and crying.
  5. You will take an hour or more to get your baby ready to visit a doctor which may be 2 blocks away from the house. Wonder why ?? When you are above to leave the house your baby will pee or poo or understanding the clothing requirements takes time – will they feel too hot or cold or sweater is needed or not etc etc …the list is endless
  6. You will find it difficult to understand why your baby is crying and may keep checking diaper or re-feed him/her
  7. You will not like your its not because of the stretchmarks alone but also of the baby bump which will take time to shrink in.
  8. Your babies features/habits would be contemplated by the whole of universe ..trying to judge the baby’s gone on mom or dad. Well that’s not a problem but you may get too overwhelmed and would not want to hear the judgement based on your genes.
  9. Changes in babies skin, colour etc is to happen. Some babies have fragile skin or pigmented skin at birth which would fade away with time. Don’t let people remark affect you.
  10. Growth pattern of your baby is going to be different from other don’t compare as it may scare you or freak you out. Each baby has different speed of achieving the milestone.
Lastly, remember Motherhood is a special gift to mankind. Don’t get hard on yourself because people around say something which they feel is right. There will be good days and bad days; there will be right days and wrong days; there will be high days and lows days…but it is on you how you make this memorable experience of lifetime.

5 Habits of an Organised Mommy

Our child should be Disciplined !! This us what we expect as parents, don’t we?? But are you as a mother being disciplined enough to inculcate and be the role model for your kid..

Well, whatever type of mommy you may be, we are here to share some tips and advice for all the mommy’s to inculcate these 5 habits in your daily routine..



Get up before your kids and husband wake up to enjoy the uninterrupted time in the mornings.. you can choose to trot around the house, do some yoga or sip some coffee in silence. Its worth every moment before you kick start your day.


Mornings can be chaotic when everyone is bounded by time. Create a to do list on things that are to be done in morning hrs and follow them to ease out the pressure.
  • Get up before your family
  • Complete kitchen task like boiling milk, preparing breakfast/ lunch, packing kids lunchbox and husband’s tiffin
  • Move on to making your bed and open blinds/windows etc.
  • Have a shower and get ready – i.e apply lotion, a dash of makeup, towel dry and brush your hair. Its these little things that are skipped by mums, however it just takes 3-5 mins to thank your own body.


weekly planner

We never have time to do additional tasks apart from daily routine till an emergency bell rings. Its time you set priorities by creating a list of jobs/tasks you want to accomplish in the coming week and just get going.


organising home
Learn to organize your stuff. Create zones or allign a specific drawer or placing your stuff in the right folder etc.
  • Keep a zone to place schoolbags, store room supplies, office stationary etc.
  • Allign medical reports in a specific drawer or assign a place for tool kit in a relevant storage
  • File your utility bills and place postids to directly reach out for your own convenience


writing in a diary
We have a very bad habit on relying on our memory for everything. So if any one grocery is over, we rely on our memory to purchase it when we go out and complaint of not buying it when we return home. The best thing to do is keep a diary handy, be it on your mobile or a proper book and write down what is needed.
Similarly, this can be very helpful to note down the milk purchased, clothes given to laundry on day to day basis and you would have a note of your expenses.

Hope these tips help you to be an Organized Mommy.