Tips to deal with your MAN’s SNORING

1. Be an inventor – Put on your creative hat and build a sound absorbing device which sticks to your man’s nose and absorbs all kind of snoring sounds..you never know you may get business orders from other wives as well..

2. Do some pranayam (meditation) to an extent that you skillfully achieve inner peace the way PO got in Kung Fu Panda

3. When nothing works, just give a small whack to your hubby and behave as if you were dreaming in sleep…;p

Disclaimer : please use the above tip at your discretion

4. Simple yet effective – Learn to snore louder than him


Marriage taught me to support my husband in all Good-Bad-Right-Wrong times ..

So I broke my 25 years of long friendship ..

with the person whom i played during the Childhood;

with the person whom i shared my Secrets;

with the person whom i Laughed & Cried with;

with the person whom allowed to be ME..

And here i vow to myself, this is not the way chapter will close & the story will end.