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TROPICAL FRUITS that one must eat on your TOUR to THAILAND

A person who loves to travel is also the one who enjoys exploring the native food of the place. What’s the point if one does not go beyond the burgers &pizzas. A true traveller is the one who explores local cuisine, embraces the taste & appreciates the food.

Well it may get difficult for some to tarnish their taste buds to things never explored before. Say for instance, when you walk down the streets of Thailand you come across bizarre foods one cannot even imagine. Some are hesitant; well some take a plunge to try out new flavours. However, every coin has two sides & so does Thailand. You would be amazed to find out the most extraordinary tropical fruits available. It’s a paradise to go on a fruity adventure offering a plethora of varieties.

We recommend 10 tropical fruits of Thailand which should not be given a miss

  1. Rambutan

Also called as SUPER FRUIT & one of the cheapest fruit. They look very similar to our homeland fruit Lychee, but offer unique taste with several nutritional benefits. The fruits have high iron content, helps in boosting immunity and treats common illness & diabetes. People in Thailand generally consume this fruit in their breakfast.

  1. Durian

The infamous durian – regarded the king of fruit is best known for its pungent smell variously compared to sewage, rotting flesh or ripe cheese. It is Big, Thorny & Hulky & tastes like a mixture of creamy almond. Although of its non-friendly taste, the fruit contains high levels of vitamin c, vitamin b & potassium.  We would say try once, you never know you would create your space to be among the durian lovers.

  1. Starfruit

Also known as Carambola. As the name says, the fruit bears 5 ridges giving an appearance of a star. It tastes sweet as well as sour & is very juicy in nature. The fruit along with the waxy peel provides good amount of dietary fiber that helps prevent absorption of cholesterol in the gut. This fruit is primarily used in garnishing.

  1. Dragonfruit

Undoubtedly this is one of the most attractive looking fruit among all. Ironic to its look, the taste is bland in nature. Dragonfruit contains some magical benefits like it reduces ageing, fights diabetes, healthy for the heart, soothes burn skin & much more. Reap the benefits of the fruit by just eating it.

  1. Rose apple

Its nothing like the apples that resemble at home. It is a crunchy, bell shaped fruit juicy in content, with a hint of rosewater & sour after taste. You may feel a little dryness in your mouth after you have consumed it. However, the fruit is commonly found throughout the year & is helpful to detox yourself, boosting your immunity& improving digestion.

  1. Pomelo

One of the best citrus fruits available in Thailand throughout the year. Its appearance resembles  a grapefruit having succulent & delicious sweet-sour flavor. The fruit is good for the skin & hair, well quite clearly visible among the Thailand girls

  1. Mangosteen

Much to its appearance ,this fruit is also known as Queen of fruits. If you dissect the fruit in two half, it feels like you are having a velvet red cupcake with a white frosty cream. The fruit is beneficial for person suffering from heart related aliments since it helps control blood pressure, reduce cholesterol & improves blood flow.

  1. Salak

The skin of the fruit resembles the skin of a snake, hence it is also called as Snake Fruit. Opening the layer of the fruit requires some creativity, but it ensure you enjoy the sweet sour white bulb. I find this fruit not extremely popular, but is beneficial to energize your health on the whole.

  1. Sapodilla

One of the best taste fruits of Thailand. It has a caramel brown, honey flavored flesh that gets sweeter & juicer as it ripens. The fruit is commonly used to carve in decorative shapes that helps enhance the overall presentation of your dining table.

  1. Custard Apple

One of the fruits we are closely associated. However in Thailand, this fruit is grown anywhere & easily available on the local carts. It has sweet succulent taste & is amazingly good. The only drawback of the fruit is each pulp is surrounded by a seed & may take a while to relish it. However the fruit acts as an antioxidant & is beneficial to fight infections & disease.

So when you visit Thailand, take some time to enjoy these tropical bites.

Feel refreshed, Feel energetic & Feel Tropical .