Things no one tells #Momstobe

Its been 9 months of wait to see your baby cuddle in your arm, nurture the kiddo with your pure milk, play with baby’s tinkling eyes or just smile watch the baby grow up…you have waited for it, right from the day you got to know you were pregnant. However in this process, there are lot of things no parents, no inlaws, no experts, no doctors tell you.

Here is a list for all the #momstobe to refer to just to prepare and plan your baby birth in advanced
  1. Crying is the only emotion and communication form babies know. Turn a deaf hear to peers complaining your baby cries a lot or less. It varies from babies to babies
  2. Babies tend to loose 1kg weight after birth. Its normal as long as baby is consuming your or formula milk well
  3. You will take 10-15mins to go to bathroom specially when you have stitches because of the vaginal  delivery.
  4. Breastfeeding is a tough process..if you believe the baby will latch on you and get unlimited supply of milk, you are highly wrong. There could be delays or clogging at times which will keep your baby hungry and crying.
  5. You will take an hour or more to get your baby ready to visit a doctor which may be 2 blocks away from the house. Wonder why ?? When you are above to leave the house your baby will pee or poo or understanding the clothing requirements takes time – will they feel too hot or cold or sweater is needed or not etc etc …the list is endless
  6. You will find it difficult to understand why your baby is crying and may keep checking diaper or re-feed him/her
  7. You will not like your its not because of the stretchmarks alone but also of the baby bump which will take time to shrink in.
  8. Your babies features/habits would be contemplated by the whole of universe ..trying to judge the baby’s gone on mom or dad. Well that’s not a problem but you may get too overwhelmed and would not want to hear the judgement based on your genes.
  9. Changes in babies skin, colour etc is to happen. Some babies have fragile skin or pigmented skin at birth which would fade away with time. Don’t let people remark affect you.
  10. Growth pattern of your baby is going to be different from other don’t compare as it may scare you or freak you out. Each baby has different speed of achieving the milestone.
Lastly, remember Motherhood is a special gift to mankind. Don’t get hard on yourself because people around say something which they feel is right. There will be good days and bad days; there will be right days and wrong days; there will be high days and lows days…but it is on you how you make this memorable experience of lifetime.

Say Hello to Babymoon

Its a random morning, where you are busy sipping some coffee and catching up with the bollywood gupshup. Somewhere you have spotted a famous personality travelling with his ‘mom to be’ wife in some wonderful paradise of the world. Shutterbugs focus is skewed to the cute little baby bump and lit up face of the mom to be holding her hubby dear and declaring to the world they are on their babymoon journey……and here you have already started day dreaming and planning about your babymoon.

The concept that seemed to be like a fad is now gaining popularity among the young couples, who want to explore and cherish all the facets of their lives including the 9 month pregnancy period in a sauve way…

With my little experience i am here to give tips on how to create a perfect babymoon casket.

1.  Talk to your Doctor
Before planning your vacation, visit your gynac and seek permission. Every pregnancy is different and so is every individual. Do the sonography and other relevant checkups and inform the doctor when you are planning to leave. Seek a fit to travel certificate in case necessary.

2. Mode of transportation
This is very crucial. Ask your gynac and take calculative decision on what suits you and what not. Restrict your travel time to 2-4 hrs in case of road and flight. In case you plan to travel in train, i would advice select not more than 12 -16 hrs journey.

3. Choice of resort/ hotel
 There are technically no speciality resorts that cater to pregnant women. Hence, be sure what kind of place you want to live in.
I would suggest to go for resorts which offer big buffet spreads so you have the choice to pick n choose what you want to eat, resorts that have facilities like spas to help you pamper or can arrange safe transport for you to visit nearby places.
Basically be clear of your requirements.

4. Carry Right luggage
Don’t go overboard in carrying your favourite dress or accessories. Pack what is needed. Carry pregnancy essentials like the backache pillows, medicines, stretch mark creams etc which is the need of the hour.

5. Restrict your movements
You may have decided to explore a new destination but don’t strain and exert your self. If you cant move ahead, quit from moving further and restrain to enjoy the journey instead.

6. Stay hydrated
Often you forget to pamper yourself out of sheer excitement of exploring your vacation joint. Its very essential to consume liquids like juices, coconut water, milk etc from time to time so that you and your baby are in the best of heath throughout the day

7. Live it right
You and your hubby dear should spend time with the baby. Its a babymoon after-all and the baby in the womb has to be made comfortable.. Get your hubby talking to the little one, sit and relax to enjoy the natures bounty, be at peace with yourself since things would change soon.

8. Restrict yourself from social media
Its nice you want the world to know about your big babymoon plans and how cool as a couple you have been to break the tradition norms of not travelling while pregnant. But don’t overdo with the social media. Click pictures to create your personal timeless memories, build strong bond as a family, cut off with the gadgets ..its all about living those moments together

And lastly

9.  Be happy and smile
This is the day you have waited for. Even if things go wrong and you may not get the room you booked, your flight got delayed or could not explore the sightseeing place..calm down….just be happy and smile as you are now a half mother and motherhood begins here..