Learn to Bake Cupcakes
Bake a Variety of Cupcakes
Share it with all your Girl Gang

Outcome –

You start looking Thin compared to them
Diet Successful
Mission Accomplished



Tips to deal with your MAN’s SNORING

1. Be an inventor – Put on your creative hat and build a sound absorbing device which sticks to your man’s nose and absorbs all kind of snoring sounds..you never know you may get business orders from other wives as well..

2. Do some pranayam (meditation) to an extent that you skillfully achieve inner peace the way PO got in Kung Fu Panda

3. When nothing works, just give a small whack to your hubby and behave as if you were dreaming in sleep…;p

Disclaimer : please use the above tip at your discretion

4. Simple yet effective – Learn to snore louder than him


Marriage taught me to support my husband in all Good-Bad-Right-Wrong times ..

So I broke my 25 years of long friendship ..

with the person whom i played during the Childhood;

with the person whom i shared my Secrets;

with the person whom i Laughed & Cried with;

with the person whom allowed to be ME..

And here i vow to myself, this is not the way chapter will close & the story will end.




Menstruation Taboo well explained by a Daughter In Law 

Mother in law taught me to not  visit the temple and do religious work when menstruating..

I taught her that same religion states a menstruating women should sit in one corner of the room, relax her mind and body and not do any kind of household chores ..

And now she repents her words.


Indian couples on their honeymoon 

  1. Super excited to see fellow Indian couples and ready to strike a conversation
  2. They hangout together to an extent they add strangers on fb and post check-ins like ‘feeling exited at xyz beach with hubby and fris on my honeymoon’…(like seriously)
  3. Ask each other on the amount paid for the trip and take pride of the fact that how smart they were to pay the least
  4. Instead of enjoying the local cuisine and culture, they crib about the lack of taste locals have and crave for homemade dalchawal routine..‘maa ke haath ka khaana
  5. Excessive shopping for all the  mama’s and chacha’s of the world..‘ Yaar extra bag kharidna pada saaman laane ke liye

And finally

In the midst of everything they celebrate their honeymoon!!


Son : Ma!! Do you know what my new year resolution is ??

Me : Oh !! You have made a resolution this year. I would love to know.

Son : Our PM has asked us to download the Bhim app and I am going to do the same on our ipad

Me : (Surprised) Do you know why and how to use the app

Son : I will learn eventually…

Me : okay go ahead


After 10 mins, ( sigh in disbelief )

Chota Bheemapp downloaded on the ipad..Am Busted !!