Its time to say goodbye to 6 un-thoughtful events that took place in 2016

  1. The big break ups – right from maliaka:arbaaz to angelina:bradpitt..we have seen it all
  2. Exit of “The nation wants to knowww”, exit of the European territories (brexit) and exit of “The King of Good Times”
  3. Some of the famous tweets of rishi kapoor and kapil sharma etc
  4. The Pokémon paparazzi that made everyone download the app
  5. Presidential elections where the American janta started crying on the results of their own actions
  6. Lastly, we had to bid adieu to Rs500 & Rs1000 notes .. hopefully for a better 2017

Tips to Celebrate 31st Eve during Pregnancy

Yes, We have done it all !!! Partied till 4:00am, consumed unlimited daru and made a cocktail of it, started a new friendship franchise or build a mountain of worthless new year resolution.. yes, we have done all of this on every 31st dec till date..
But with the changing phase of your life, this seems to be a far fetched way of celebrating the much awaited eve and hence here i am sharing some tips specially for pregnant women to enjoy their new year with ease, pleasure, excitement and dollop of fun …
1. Organise a house party
So what if you cant go out in the mass crowd and enjoy some music and booze..you can surely be a good host and organize a sweet little party at your home. Invite close friends, tell everyone to share some party responsibilities, create the right ambience and here you are no less than a party organizer.
2. Set up the mood
Purchase some home disco lighting, indoor games and photo props online to set up the decor. Download latest and all time favourite songs on your usb and you have created the right set up for the finale event.
3. Keep food as your main priority.
Let your friends enjoy their favourite delicacy by ordering from their favourite restaurant but i would suggest you prepare your food at home. You can also show off your culinary skills by preparing mocktails that tingle not only your taste buds but even the alcohol drinkers. Let it be simple and a healthy meal for you, since restaurant wont listen to your customisation due to quantum of orders they have specifically on this day.
4. Take breaks 
You dont have to be a perfect host and push yourself. Take breaks in middle of your activities. Sit/ lie down and relax. In case you suffer from nausea,backaches or any pregnancy led symptoms be upfront to your guest and let that not affect you.
5. Most important – Enjoy
From here onwards you are stepping into motherhood and your priorities would change. Be cheerful and enjoy every bit of this moment since its not coming back and await the new year with special lil one in your arms…


I don’t know why women love cupcakes. Its the old age mawa cake that I use to have it in Rs2/- when I was in school..the only addition is the creamy icing that adds in a little punk to the new age mawa cake.. and here I am paying a bomb Rs80/- …damn just for a single one..

No wonder it is rightly said ..’Eating  Cupcakes is like indulging in a SIN…n I just made one’


The Beginning of Motherhood

I don’t have words to let you know when it all started.. Was it when I got to see the two positive lines on the pregnancy test or was it when I started to have morning sickness.. was it when I felt the first kicks or was it when I saw the baby first time on the sonography screen.

The journey of being a mother had just begun. I knew I was on the parenting roadway being prepared to accept the new phase of life which every woman dreams of…..

The beginning of being a mother…

But this is not so easy as it sounds…  Its an emotional Rollercoaster ride that makes you feel exited on one hand and makes you feel nervous on the other hand. It feels like you are getting married the second time where the society narrates the surface story everyone dreams and simultaneously hides behind.

And here you are preparing for the big D day…Identifying the right maternity wear, ditching your favourite pair of jeans, joining prenatal classes,  saying bye bye to junk food, taking advice’s from going to be grandparents, going for the last honeymoon etc etc etc…

But all of this preparation,  anxiousness and celebration  will only have a meaning when a day will arrive in your pregnancy  where your baby will communicate with you and whisper

‘Don’t worry mom,  I am going to give birth to you’.

And that will mark the beginning of your motherhood…