Must Have Travel Organizers for the Monsoon Road Trip

The sunny days are gone. The first few sprinkles are here to change the landscapes – painting them lush green with misty clouds. The monsoons transform the mountains, waterfalls & valleys to picturesque paradise. And perhaps this is the reason why people wait for the monsoons to plan their long awaited Road Trips.

But before you place your hands on the wheels to zoooooom off to your travel destination, My Rustic Pages offers you some must have travel organizers that would be useful & helpful to you in making your journey smooth & organized.

  1. Car Backseat Travel Organizer

Car Seat-back organizing unit

As the name says it, the organizer snaps around the head rest of the car & gives the travellers a lot of pockets to place valuable items like the mobile, ipads, sunscreen lotions, bug sprays, chargers, water bottles & anything else you may need on the go.

This organizer is easily accessible inside the vehicle, where all your belongings are systematically placed & you don’t need to hover around to search stuff & make your car messy.

  1. Coin/Note Pouch

small purse for coins

Your road journey would always slow down at one place i.e the Toll Naka. We keep searching for “Chuttas” or we get it from the guys at the toll unit & we randomly place the currency inside the cup/beverage holder or in the storage department.  We choose to forget about it or keep searching where we have tucked the money away.

We advise you to carry a small pouch where you can put in the money & receipt, keep the pouch in front compartments & take money out of it whenever you want

  1. Fold-able Tote Bag

Folding bags

This is one of my favorite items on the list as the utility factor is high. It’s a foldable bag, so it folds up flat when not in use & you don’t have to worry about the added space occupied by a bag in the car. Since you are on a road trip you never know what can go wrong for eg. clothes can get dirty or wet can be tucked into the bag, snacks you purchase on the journey etc can be dumped into this storage & lots more.

  1. First Aid Kit

First aid kit

Missed by most of the road travellers but is one of the most important products that need to be inside the storage compartment of your car. Basic stuff like scissors, bandages, antiseptic, medicines etc should be kept inside the kit. It turns out to be handy in case of some mishap & you do not have to be on a look out of a medical store.

  1. Umbrella organizers

Umbrella covers

Its one of the interesting products you would find it online. Whether it rains or not you can tuck 2-3 umbrellas inside the organizer & place it on the back seat. You don’t have to worry about holding the umbrella in the hand or placing it near your feet or under the seat. Even if the umbrella is wet, you can fold it and place it in the organizer & dry it for further use.

  1. Folders for Car papers

blog 6

This is extremely important & one should make a note or keep a checklist of the documents like car insurance, maintenance records etc. Keep a folder irrespective you are on the road trip with these essential documents & timely check it so you are assertive on the further course of action needed with your vehicle.

Well these are some suggestions by My Rustic Pages. Hope you like them.

Stay Organized !!!