Weekend Fest @ COOL JAPANESE FESTIVAL, Phoenix – Mumbai

Have you ever visited Japan sitting right here from your home town Mumbai. Well, I got the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Japan @ the press conference of COOL JAPANESE FESTIVAL held at Phoenix Mills Mumbai.


This is the 5th edition of festival organized by Maido Enterprises & the Consulate of Japan. To grace this occasion, Miss Japan World 2015 – Chika Nakagawa was invited to speak about this year’s theme –“ Let know about Japan”.  She spoke about how she wants the world to know about Japanese food which is much more beyond Sushi, get people to know about their culture – similarities with the Indian tradition & create a better connectivity between India & Japan.


With loads of positivity & enthusiasm she invited us to dine with her & explore the authentic  Japanese food. Reluctant at first go, as I was unsure how would the food taste, did they have vegetarian offerings & mostly eating with chopsticks…I did not want to make a fool of myself .

Well, much too my comfort I got to know that Japanese do eat vegetarian food. I was first offered three different types of Sushi, dipped in soy sauce. It did taste a little bland at first but it had a different flavour which was then soothing to the palette.


The next on table was a meal called OBENTO, a whole meal pack which consisted of veg salad with tofu pieces, some noodles with mushroom, rice rolls with loads of veggies, Tonkatsu – fried potato tikki & veg momos called gyoza. A wholesome meal that stuffed my belly & at the same time full of nutrition & non fried.

IMG_20160202_141127~4 IMG_20160202_141206~2

But how could a meal end without any drink. And when you say a drink in Japanese consider it has to be the famous Green Tea.  We were offered the most famous drink of Japan called the Matcha Latte which comprised of green tea & milk with sugar…yes you read it right, green tea with milk. Well it was little difficult for me to adjust my taste buds with this new latte flavor. It was definitely one of the healthiest drinks I ever had.

Indeed it was a fun event where I learnt a lot about Japanese food. But there is much more to explore about this lovely country. And we have a chance to just do the same @ COOL JAPANESE FESTIVAL held at Phoenix mills this weekend i.e. on 6th & 7th Feb 2016. Phoenix mills offer their patrons an opportunity to eat, sleep & live the Japan way by organizing

  • Traditional art performances like Kendo – sword fight, dance & singing
  • Cosplay Fashion show where comics & pop culture will unite together
  • Play Taiko a musical instrument
  • Explore traditional cuisine like Donburi, Doryaki, Nissin cup Noodle, Obento & yes our favorite Sushi

Hurry up !! Wait for none. Rush to the Phoenix this weekend & LIVE JAPAN.

DOMO ARIGATOU !!! (Thank You for reading my first post)